Building trust.

Building Futures.

A real estate investment firm created by — and for — surgeons.

What would you do if you didn’t depend on a monthly paycheck from your day job?

Founded by an ear, nose, and throat (ENT) surgeon in search of freedom to live life on their own terms, Apta Investment Group empowers surgeons across the country to build secure futures for their families. We leverage our expertise and relationships in the real estate industry — as well as the precision and meticulousness gained from years of ENT surgery — to provide assistance with real property investments, asset management, and wealth preservation, which in turn helps surgeons like you live your dream life.

Meet the Apta team
  • 18 years
    of real estate experience by Vasu

  • $1B
    worth of successful team-wide real estate transactions

  • 100%
    profitability on all projects

  • 2x the returns
    of historical stock market investments

A letter from our founder

After years of dedication to the medical field and establishing a leading ENT and Allergy practice and a physician owned surgical hospital, I discovered the emotional costs of success. Behind the triumphs lie hidden sacrifices and battles that can make us question our profession’s true rewards.

By recognizing this, we nurture empathy and a willingness to support one another through the hidden challenges we all share. As I journey professionally, balancing financial security and personal joy, I’ve found strength in vulnerability, open dialogue, and building a network of unwavering support. This led me to the life-changing world of sound real estate investment, granting the flexibility to deliver patient care without financial constraints and to live life on my terms.

Vasu Kakarlapudi, M.D.
Founder and Managing Partner

Core Values

Time is something we wish we all could have more of, especially outside of our workplace. We help buy you more time by creating an additional stream of income that’s driven and backed by our four core values.

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Our Proven Process

With our meticulous approach, data-based research, and due diligence, we create consistent results and stable passive investment growth and income for surgeons — allowing you to take better care of your patients, families, and communities.

  1. Learn

    We invite you to get to know us and use our experience and team to educate yourself on the breadth of opportunities outside of traditional stock and bond investments. Join our community and begin your transformational journey!

  2. Imagine

    What if your capital was treated with the same level of care that you provide to your patients? That same approach is one we have taken to safely grow our own nest egg and we invite you to ride along with us.

  3. Enjoy

    The peace and tranquility of knowing we have your back and our team is safely growing your portfolio so you can spend time in fulfilling activities with your family, taking care of yourself, pursuing interests you have neglected, and providing even more empathetic care of your patients.

Current offerings

The Apta – 37P Fund I LLC is available for accredited investors for a limited time.

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Our Portfolio

Whispering Winds

Pearland, TX

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Bridgehead Apartments

Austin, TX

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Heights of Cityview

Fort Worth, TX

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Greys Harbor at Lake Norman

Huntersville, NC

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Real surgeons.
Real Personal Fulfillment.

Andrew Gould, M.D.

“Apta Investment Group has earned my trust and I have been very pleased with my multifamily investment. I appreciate all the detailed analysis that goes into acquiring and managing these assets. I will continue to put my trust in Apta.”

Colin Neumann, M.D.

“As a young surgeon, I was looking for ways I could use my career earnings to generate passive income. Vasu has mentored me in commercial real estate in addition to being my partner in Advanced ENT & Allergy. Apta Investment Group has earned my trust and been successful in helping me diversify my portfolio into multifamily and has already generated passive income for me. They have got a great team assembled, and I look forward to growth of my existing investment with Apta and future ones as well.”

Eric Carter, M.D.

“I am a practice partner and long-time friend of Vasu. I invested with Apta Investment Group because of the depth and experience of the team in all areas of multifamily. I trust them implicitly and am grateful for the current and future passive income and all the tax advantages. As a surgeon, I appreciate the data-driven demographic analysis that goes into Apta’s investments and look forward to future opportunities with Apta.”

Gregory Abbas, M.D.

“I am an otolaryngologist in the middle of my career and have always looked for ways to diversify my investments outside of a typical stock and bond portfolio to create tax-advantaged passive income now and for my retirement. Vasu and I have served on the board of our practice for many years, and he has been passionate about real estate and helped us develop multiple medical offices, which have been quite successful. He is trustworthy and knows multifamily real estate. My investment with Apta Investment Group generated passive income for me from the very first quarter post acquisition. Given these uncertain times, I appreciate my safe multifamily investment with Apta.”

Krishna Konijeti, M.D.

“Vasu and I have been childhood friends, and he has always been very trustworthy and smart with investing. I have been partners with him on real estate ventures for many years, and they have all been profitable. My investment with Apta has delivered exactly as outlined, and I look forward to future growth. Simply put, Vasu and Apta know what they are doing, and I am excited to be an investment partner.”