Our strategy

Apta Investment Group — where surgical precision meets real estate mastery.

Trust in your investment.

The Apta investment strategy is founded on the same meticulous, precise, and evidence-based research that we employ to achieve consistently good results in our medical treatments and surgeries. Thanks to these rigorous tactics — as well as a good deal of hard work — we’ve been able to successfully execute and complete projects, which in turn has allowed numerous surgeons to feel secure with their consistently growing investments, earn passive income, and achieve financial freedom.

Current offerings
  • 18 years
    of real estate experience by Vasu

  • $1B
    worth of successful team-wide real estate transactions

  • 100%
    profitability on all projects

  • 2x the returns
    of historical stock market investments

Discover the Apta Difference.

  • We’re meticulous. We apply the training and precision of surgery to our investment strategy — and your money.
  • We’re committed. For us, it’s not about the transaction game — it’s about long-term relationships.
  • We’re transparent. We believe the knowledge and resources we’ve gained along the way should be accessible for all.
  • We’re participating. We believe in our investments so much that we invest our own capital, too — right alongside our investors.
  • We’re second. At Apta, we thrive only after you recover your capital and preferred return. We believe that when you succeed, we succeed.

Real Estate Acquisition

To protect our investments and communities from potential economic downturns, we focus on large-scale multifamily properties that cater to families with median household incomes and above. We use statistical and economic evidence to identify markets with diverse economies, strong job and income growth, and favorable demographic trends. By investing in these markets, we can provide more stable and consistent returns than the stock market.

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  • Deal Flow

    We have a great reputation in real estate investment, which has given us lots of knowledge and connections to find amazing investment opportunities. We work with brokers and lenders who bring us exclusive deals to evaluate. Using our advanced analytics, we carefully assess the risks involved in each opportunity. We regularly update our infrastructure to analyze the best deals in the top 15 U.S. markets.

  • Tax Reduction

    We use our expertise to create a tax-advantaged investment portfolio for our investors. We understand that surgeons often face high taxes and volatile investment options, so we offer safe investments that provide stability, consistent passive income, and peace of mind.

Asset Management

We use AI-powered analytics to increase the value of the properties we acquire. We carefully choose property managers who share our values and focus on maintaining the quality of our assets, improving the lives of our tenants, and enhancing the community. Our property managers are committed to our goal of providing growth and income for surgeons, so they can focus on their passions.