Doctors by design

Doctors by Design: Creating a Community of Doctors Who are Working, By Design

March 17, 2023

Complete financial freedom requires totally eliminating cashflow concerns and constraints from your life. As a doctor, you work hard to achieve success and accumulate your wealth; despite the work you do, though, you may not have enough wealth to live the life you want to live. Or, maybe you feel trapped in your practice: seeing more patients, constantly stressed, and working longer and longer hours.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Take a moment to consider ways to make your career more enjoyable: focusing more on your patients, spending time with your family, taking more vacations, pursuing your other passions, or just having a passive source of income by the time you retire. The more secure you feel financially, the more freedom you will have to live a luxurious, stress-free life. All this is possible through Dr. Vasu Kakarlapudi’s vision: Doctors by Design.

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What is the Path to Financial Freedom?

Financial freedom means taking charge of your personal finances and enabling consistent cash flow so you can lead the life you want. But this eludes most people. It’s a goal that many people have, but one that seems hard to achieve. In the short term, passive income will offset part of your current expenses. Long term, when your passive income exceeds your living expenses, you have attained total financial freedom. However, finding the right investments—those with the highest and most consistent returns— can be a challenging endeavor. Enter multifamily investing.

Multifamily investing is one of the best ways for medical professionals to attain financial freedom because it creates consistently safe growth, providing physicians and surgeons with wealth preservation, tax advantages, and generational wealth. Dr. Vasu Kakarlapudi sought to create a path for working medical professionals who are looking to build wealth, improve their professional lives, and grasp the advantages of owning real estate through multifamily property investments. Below, Vasu explains the vision and meaning of Doctors by Design.

Doctors by Design: Envisioned by Dr. Vasu Kakarlapudi

Before founding Apta Properties, Vasu began investing in real estate to build his own wealth and achieve financial autonomy. After 18 years of experience and finding success and stability in real estate investments, Vasu considered how these assets could benefit medical professionals who are looking to grow and preserve their hard-earned money for the future.

As a doctor, he considered how the “[first] half of life is about significance; [the] second is about contribution.” With care and precision in every multifamily investment, Vasu was driven to create Apta Properties and help other doctors achieve financial freedom using his investment expertise.

Vasu recalls, “Rama, my wife and Managing Partner of Apta Properties, had sleepless nights about the fear of investing other people’s money due to the responsibility of it. [However], she gradually overcame this fear because of the conviction that not sharing our accumulated knowledge with others we care about would be selfish.”

From this conviction and compassion to help his fellow healthcare workers, Apta Properties was created, and the Doctors by Design mission was born. But what does “Doctors by Design” mean, and how does this concept entail Vasu’s mission?

AAP Tire Infographic
Apta Properties’ Doctor by Design mission ensures expert guidance, support, and improvement for our investors’ lifestyles.

Apta Properties, Helping You Attain Financial Freedom

The meaning lies in Apta Properties’ name: in Sanskrit, Apta translates to “trust.” Vasu says, “Apta Properties is unique in that we share the techniques and connections that led to our personal wealth, investing our own money with that of our partners.” This collective approach is how Apta builds trust and wealth with each investor.

The Doctors by Design mission is capital preservation, wherein investor money is treated, in Vasu’s words, “like it’s your grandma’s last $100,000.” To that end, the Apta team carefully and painstakingly researches properties to identify those that will yield the best investment returns.

“We invest in relatively boring assets like apartments, but they are ‘evergreen’ and ‘stable,’” says Vasu, “Our team has done $1 billion worth of real estate transactions, with 100% of them being profitable over 15 years across multiple economic cycles.”

Through Apta Properties’ 18-year track record, you will be able to find expert guidance and profitable investment opportunities in multifamily real estate. From these stable assets, Apta investors are able to secure financial growth for their investment portfolios.

Vasu states, “Apta investors find more fulfillment by taking the hunger of a paycheck out of the equation.” In fact, after partnering with Apta Properties, you as an investor will find yourself with less financial constraints and stress, you will be able to be more empathetic toward your patients, take more vacations, and participate more in the charitable causes that matter to you. Multifamily real estate can provide that source of income that gives you current yield in the form of cash flow and long-term growth empowering doctors like yourself to reach financial freedom.

Unlock the Benefits of Passive Income with Doctors by Design

Vasu concludes, “There is no pressure or worries if investing in multifamily properties is not a fit for you, as there are so many investors who are interested but a limited space in our fund.” However, for current investors or medical professionals interested in becoming multifamily investors, Apta Properties welcomes the chance to share our expertise with you! Hence, we’ve created a monthly report named after our mission—Doctors by Design—to share new content and inform how to best invest in multifamily real estate—interested in learning more? Subscribe to Doctors by Design or schedule a consultation with Dr. Vasu Kakarlapudi today!