Running the Distance: Marathon Lessons for Personal and Financial Growth

May 1, 2024

A few weeks ago, I checked the Marathon off my bucket list by running the Paris Marathon. It wasn’t just a physical challenge; it turned out to be a profound journey of personal growth, teaching me lessons that are surprisingly applicable to other areas of life, including financial freedom and investing. Here’s what I learned from the experience, despite not being at my best health-wise.

1. Preparation is Everything

In both marathon running and life, particularly in the field of investment, preparation cannot be overstated. Training for a marathon is often a solitary activity, requiring not just physical endurance but mental discipline. Similarly, successful investing requires thorough research and strategic planning, often done alone, before the collective energy of an investment group propels you forward.

2. Embracing Sacrifice

Running a marathon means sacrificing time, sleep, and comfort. Successful investing, particularly in real estate syndications, demands similar sacrifices—whether it’s the time spent understanding the markets, the diligence in managing assets, or the patience required for your investments to mature.

3. The Power of Perseverance

During the marathon, I realized that true growth comes from pushing beyond your limits, like the ‘100th pushup.’ In investing, it’s that extra effort in due diligence, continual learning, and staying the course despite market volatility that leads to real growth.

4. Expecting the Unexpected

Just as a fever on race day elevated my heart rate and affected my performance, unexpected challenges can arise in investing. Early in my training, I discovered I had a herniated disc in my cervical spine, requiring extensive physical therapy and a pause on running, which significantly disrupted my marathon preparation. Similarly, in the world of investing, you may encounter market fluctuations, economic downturns, or unexpected maintenance on a property. These challenges test your resolve and require you to be agile and adaptable in your strategies. Being prepared to make adjustments on the fly is crucial, as is maintaining the perseverance to see through these unexpected hurdles.

5. The Importance of a Strong Why

In the toughest miles, my ‘why’—not just personal ambition, but a charitable commitment to the Nachiketa Tapovan school for underprivileged kids and setting an example for my children—kept me moving forward. Similarly, a strong, purpose-driven ‘why’ is crucial in investing. This could be financial freedom, leaving a legacy, or supporting a cause you care about.

6. The Value of Community

The energy of fellow runners helped me immensely, just as belonging to a community of like-minded investors can inspire and motivate. Sharing goals and successes with others not only makes the journey enjoyable but also pushes you towards the finish line.

7. Celebrating Success

Finishing the marathon reminded me to celebrate victories and appreciate the journey, no matter the obstacles. Each investment milestone deserves the same recognition and reflection, as these successes build confidence and momentum for future challenges.

8. Applying Marathon Lessons to Investing

Running the Paris Marathon taught me about resilience, preparation, and community. These lessons are incredibly relevant to investing with Apta Investment Group. By preparing diligently, embracing the necessary sacrifices, building a supportive community, and keeping our purpose in sight, we too can navigate the marathon of real estate investing and achieve substantial growth and financial freedom.


In Conclusion…

Marathon running and real estate investing might seem worlds apart, but the principles that lead to success in both are strikingly similar. Both require preparation, perseverance, and the support of a community. Whether you’re running 26.2 miles or building a legacy through investment, the journey is always worth it. Remember, life happens for you – each step, whether on the pavement or in the market, is a step towards achieving greatness.