This single investment has proven to have the greatest ROI over a lifetime and can never go down in value…

January 5, 2024

The New Year is a time when people set goals, make resolutions, and vow to change something that can improve some aspect of their lives. Whether it is business, health, and fitness, enhancing a relationship, or completing a long overdue project. This is a new chapter, a clean slate (if you will) to do better and be better. 

For many the beginning of the new year serves up an internal gusto and a mindset of childlike faith that we can accomplish anything.

Unfortunately for many, after a couple of weeks, most fall back into the same routine and allow “life” to take over and fail to reach the goals they have set out to accomplish. 

In a world of instant gratification, when results are not immediately visible the resolution typically dies in the name of busyness.

The Forbes Health/One Poll survey found that the average resolution lasts just 3.74 months. Only 8% of respondents tend to stick with their goals for one month, while 22% last only two months, 22% last three months and 13% last four months.

The truth is, there are no unrealistic goals, just unrealistic timelines. 

For this month we want to focus on how to enhance your number one asset… You.

By investing in yourself, your education, skills, knowledge, and mindset, and taking time for self-care you can see results that are so profound and have the greatest return on investment over a lifetime that can never go down in value. 

As a physician or another professional, you have already proven to have the focus and dedication required to make an investment in yourself that has arguably created a massive ripple effect in your life, and with experience that investment continues to grow year over year never decreasing in value.  You can take that education and experience to springboard other areas of your life.

How to stay on track and beat the early retirement of your New Year’s resolution…

According to, even if you only make a one percent improvement each day, that single change is the start of a good habit that can grow exponentially. In mathematical terms, a one percent improvement every day for 365 days equals nearly 38 times better results in just one year.

Image courtesy of Impruver

It is not difficult to commit to improving by just 1% every day. As we take a look at the various categories of self-improvement consider the impact that roughly a 38% improvement in one year can make on your life. 

The Importance of Self-Care:

In a national survey done by Americans cited the benefits of self-care as: enhanced self-confidence (64%), increased productivity (67%), and happiness (71%). From a physical health perspective, self-care also reduces heart disease, stroke, and cancer.

By taking time out to engage in self-care, you are more likely to alleviate the pressures of everyday life and force a reset that will get you back into a healthy routine and maximize your productivity allowing you to have an even greater impact on the people you care for.

How To Forge a Productive Mindset

You feed the body so you won’t starve or dehydrate, feeding the mind is the same. It is important to constantly feed your mind with positive inspiring thoughts, ideas, and people that encourage you to take the time to invest in yourself for continued growth. 

CNBC recognizes Billionaire Warren Buffett for saying the very best investment you can make is one that “you can’t beat,” can’t be taxed, and not even inflation can take away from you. 

“Ultimately, there’s one investment that supersedes all others: Invest in yourself.”

In order to continue to learn, you will need to be in the right mindset.  Forging a productive mindset requires rest, exercise, reading, scribing, meditation, and surrounding yourself with like-minded people with a positive attitude who are lifelong learners and promoters of growth.  That is the reason Apta exists.

We Don’t Know What We Don’t Know:

As Physicians going through school in past decades, there was not much emphasis on finance, investing, or business. This is why a good number of doctors do not typically start seeking opportunities for passive income until much later in their careers. This forces a crash course on safe passive investments and without a proper education can lead to poor investment choices. 

Now there is a growing trend that was highlighted in an article by  Physicians and medical students earning advanced business degrees can work the business side of the booming healthcare industry. 

Just over 60% of medical schools now offer dual MD-MBA programs, more than twice the number of two decades ago. 

This is a promising outlook for future medical professionals. For those who have been practicing for decades, the answer becomes sourcing a trustworthy investment partner willing to provide education and insights with 100% clear transparency into available investments to create safe growth and income as we want to wind down on practice and hospital hours and have a fail-safe as we enter retirement. 

According to Nerd Wallet, a common guideline is that you should aim to replace 70% of your annual pre-retirement income. This is what their calculator uses as a default. You can replace your pre-retirement income using a combination of savings, investments, social security, and any other income sources (part-time work, a pension, rental or passive income, etc.).

If you want to improve 1% per day to see 37.8x growth per year you have to continue to learn. Ray Kroc, former CEO of McDonald’s and also credited for its global expansion said, “When you’re green you’re growing, and when you’re ripe you rot. And I aim to be as green as a shamrock shake on St. Patrick’s Day. 

At Apta, we are voracious learners and continue to educate ourselves and our investors. Our strategy is founded on the same meticulous, precise, and evidence-based research that we employ to achieve consistently good results in our medical treatments and surgeries. 

As medical colleagues, we have made it a top priority to not only invite you to invest with us but to learn. Your continued education is important and we are here to help navigate new areas of financial wellbeing with you. 

If you would like to speak to someone who understands being a physician and getting a fast-track education on investing, we are here to help. 

We would be honored to be a resource of growth and information for you as you commit to being just 1% better each day to achieve a big personal ROI in 2024.

Happy New Year from all of us at Apta Properties.